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Mindset Coaching & Masterclass for High Achievers

Coaching for High Achievers who rarely celebrate their accomplishments, because they struggle with extremely critical self-talk. 

With Mindset Coaching & Masterclass, they mute their critic, and with positive encouragement, gain better motivation and enthusiasm to strive for even greater goals.

Now they live every day with calm and confidence, because their self-belief and success are authentically aligned.

High Achievers' Mindset Masterclass - Watch this short 2 minute video on how this program helps High Achievers like you
to transform your daily life from struggle and sabotage, to motivation and enthusiasm with a positive mindset! 

Do you want to design your life of success?

Close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be. My approach to coaching is to empower you in designing the life of success and bliss you want to live.

Connect for free, without any obligation to you. All sessions are completely confidential.  You can connect from the comfort of your home via Zoom, Skype or phone.


  • Embrace a positive encouragement approach
  •  Improve resilience and confidence
  • Find time and quality in life
  • Accomplish more by working less
  • Identify blind spots that hold you back
  • INSPIRATION to get started

The two enemies of the High Achiever 


We all know that nobody is perfect! So why do High Achievers struggle to attain this perfection?  

It is important for you to identify and leverage your strengths. This will enable you to focus on what you do well and use your skills to achieve even greater success

A more helpful perspective is to view any failures as opportunity for growth and learning, rather than a reflection of your self worth or abilities.

High Expectations

High Achievers have very high expectations for themselves.  This can be both a strength and a challenge.  

It usually means you are highly motivated and determined to succeed. Also, you put unnecessary pressure on yourself which can lead to stress and burnout.

Celebrate your successes!  How often do you move onto the next goal without taking time to appreciate what you have accomplished?

Want to know what others are saying about the Mindset Masterclass? Read on...

The program has allowed me to focus on my thought patterns and gain greater awareness on what is serving me to reach my full potential, as well as what is holding me back. I have gained greater awareness of my personal inner dialogue and through the techniques given have been able to move more into my sage, which has brought greater inner peace and be present in the moment, rather than let my saboteurs control my life creating fear and anxiety to name a few. Certainly, would recommend this program. Especially if you are frustrated with old thought patterns holding you back and wanting more from life but unsure where to start. 
The program provides a fabulous App that steps you through the daily/weekly program, and then once a week meet up via Zoom with my POD group, which is always supportive and facilitated by our wonderful coach Gaye Kuelsen. Our negative thoughts can be interjected and over time shrunk through building up our mind muscles, allowing more room for our Sage, which I have so enjoyed learning more about. I want to be in my Sage majority of the time so I'm operating at my best. It's a journey and I am a work in progress, the mental muscles are growing which is exciting!

Lisa R  National Program Manager

Since I started the program, I have become a bit more forgiving of myself when I haven't achieved as much at the end of the day as I wanted in the morning. Recognising other people's behavioural patterns helps me to understand them more, helps me to feel more empathy towards them. I think if everyone did this program, the world could become a better place with more love, forgiving and acceptance. Knowing that I am a high achiever and that harms me more than helps me, when my saboteur steps up I can let it go easier than before. Just the fact that I am a high achiever made me realise why I act the way sometimes a typical high achiever does. I can come across as "cold" and too business oriented, so I try to be less like that and more focusing on the other person or people around me, than only on the task ahead. That makes others feel better around me and I feel better too :)

Mel K  Personal Brand Photographer

The last 6 weeks I’ve been working through the program with Gaye and it’s been an eye opening experience.  If you’re a victim of self-sabotage and want to know how to move to making better life decisions, this course is for you!  It’s been so enjoyable, never tedious while being easy to complete the short, app style modules at my own pace – even around a busy lifestyle, work and children.  I can highly recommend taking the time to learn more about yourself, why you respond to challenges the way you do and how you can make different choices and create a happier more fulfilled life.  I think these strategies should be taught from a very young age and will also be sharing this new knowledge with my own children.

Char S  Private Investigator

Calmer, better able to respond to challenging situation, recognising my weak points and how to combat them.” [Would you recommend this program to other people?] “Yes!”   “Given me a simple yet effective set of tools to use when I need them. Mental fitness is like physical fitness - it is never complete.

Fiona P  Certified Practising Marketer

I recently completed the 6-week  Program with Gaye and found it extremely rewarding. The structure of the Program was easy to commit to with daily videos to follow. The content was easy to understand and I will continue to use the skills learned in my everyday life going forward! I no longer react to situations and people, instead I take a moment to process and then response. Gaye provided professional guidance throughout the course and her support helped me get through each week. I highly recommend participating in this course all walks of life as it will have a benefit to all people.

Laura D  Grant Writer

My Personal Experience...

Building my mental fitness muscles enhanced my daily bliss, enabling me to be calmer and happier with the added benefit of being more productive. I highly recommend this training if you are emotionally stressed from constantly listening to your negative critic and want to learn how to consistently turn down its volume.

Being able to catch myself when hearing my critic, I can now take myself to a calmer place where I can tap into the positive wisdom that we all possess. You too will learn these life-long skills and habits that will a positive impact on your performance, wellbeing and relationships, in just 6 weeks....Amazing!

Gaye Kuelsen  Professional Coach at Daily Bliss

Meet Gaye . . .

Gaye is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 14 years' of coaching experience.  Gaye partners with High Achievers known to rarely celebrate their accomplishments, because they struggle with extremely critical self-talk. To everyone else they appear confident, though inside their minds, their self-criticism puts such pressure on them which causes unnecessary stress. 

With each client, Gaye builds a relationship based on trust and safety and believes that, if you want to change your work or personal life to have a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment, then coaching will deliver these outcomes for you. 

Gaye has been trained in coaching methods based on neuroscience. So, when you know how your brain works it gives you greater understanding of your beliefs and behaviours.  Being a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC) and Mental Health First Aider, enables her to support those who want to improve their mental health by shifting to a more positive mindset.

Additionally, with extensive corporate experience in business administration (finance, insurance and medical industries), and over a decade in the government sector, Gaye brings a wealth of lived experience to her coaching. 

Gaye’s perspective on coaching is that it is a fun, positive and life changing experience where you will shift to a more positive mindset by learning how to strengthen your mental muscles. Her coaching sessions are a mix of self-reflection, inspired action with a hint of humour that stretch and challenge her clients so they gain the best results. With her unique style, Gaye brings together the powerful combination of building business success and developing personal capability. She shows you exactly how to discover what is important to you and how to make it your priority.  

With this positive encouragement, you’ll have all the motivation and enthusiasm you need to go after everything you want, in all areas of your life - on a personal level, at work and in your career.

Are you curious about how you can decide, design and delight in your very own blissful life, even in the face of daily chaos? Then Connect with Gaye now.

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